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Finding high quality LED Growlights like Luminus CXM-22, Cree 3590, Vero29, Citizen1212 CLU048, Samsung LM561C diodes that are found in the Quantum Boards and chilled LEDs are almost impossible to find in Canada. Although we can supply any country, Canada is about to go fully recreational use, and this is our home base.

Heatsinks and drivers are another issue altogether. At 4alight we can help you design the perfect COB LED solution, or LED growlight for your desired space. These lights can do at 500-600 watts what it takes other lights 1000-1500 watts to achieve.  So they save you a ton of money, and a ton of heat. Send us a message today so we can help you build the package you need whether you’re trying to build a micro closet grow room that is the best in the world, or if you want to have a state of the art commercial grow room.  We can help you achieve your best yields while reducing you overhead significantly by decreasing hydro and heat.

To find out about ordering a true 4 pound light, or for any inquiries just drop us a line.