Small/light weight orders placed within Canada will be shipped via Canada Post flat rate boxes. These offer quicker shipping times to most parts of Canada.

Small/light weight orders placed within the United States will be shipped via USPS flat rate boxes.

Heavyweight orders placed within Canada or the United States will be subject to shipping charges based on the weight of the entire order. Shipping options are available on the CheckOut page when you place an order.

All Items are shipped in plain packaging.


If an item is non-functional out of the box it can be replaced. You the buyer pays for the shipping return but we will cover shipping back to you with the new product.

If you order something and don’t use it, you can return it with a $20 restock fee. We will verify that the item still works before we will allow for a refund.

If something goes wrong when you are installing an item we are not responsible. If you need instructions on how to properly setup your items please don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will be happy to help!


You (the buyer), it is your responsibility to use and set up your items in accordance to your local/provincial or state laws. We (the owners) of and cannot be held responsible for any violation of local/provincial or state laws.